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Favorite Health Food: Chicken salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Gym classes and Zumba

My Approach to Weight Loss: Take each day at a time

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Calorie counting

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $712.89

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Ellen Jeanie

08/14/2019 6:16AM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
It wont let me do my official final weight!!! Help!

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I forgot to do mine too :weary:

Ellen Jeanie

I was getting my 4 year olds broken arm casted and at multiple appointments with all 5 of my kids :( I worked insanely hard this round too :( this sucks
I guess I just gotta kick butt next round! I did email customer service and they at least did a one time refund of my bet amount... but man I could have won big!!
Sammy accepted the challenge.
06/27/2019 12:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
The pot is now $5,970

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Kathryn H.

06/22/2019 8:21PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
Here’s an odd question. Here in New Zealand, we’re in winter. This year, having lost weight, I find it really difficult to regulate my body temperature. My hands and nose get super cold. I seem to be colder than those around me (including very fit and healthy colleagues). Is there anybody else who struggles with cold after losing weight? How long does it take your body to adjust?

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Last year I hit an all time low of 165 from an all time high of 329. I have been freezing ever since. I blew out my knee and had a spinal tumor and surgery to fix those issues so I did put about 60lbs back on and I’m still freezing.


I’m definitely feeling the cold right now :joy: Hang in there, summers only a few months away hehe!


06/15/2019 7:51PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
Somehow the numbers on the scale are not willing to change at all -_- so disappointing and demotivated. 9 days left and i have yet to loose 3.1kg. I know its

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It is such a bummer when the scale isn’t reflecting the work you’re putting in. But eventually you’ll reach your goal weight and the work you put into maintaining won’t have the a weight drop associated with it. Finding other ways to celebrate your success in living a healthier life is important. Do you feel better? Have more energy? Are you more active with less pain? Obviously you want the scale to move (right there with you) but try to reframe this time when it isn’t cooperating so you don’t feel as demotivated.

Danielle D.

I had a binge week last week while being on my period and feeling sorry for myself. Gained 3kgs. Yes 3kgs, in 1week. I'm hoping it's water weight. But I'm not really sure. Let's kick these 3kgs together!

Venesity S.

05/27/2019 10:13PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down - via android
If we loose more than the 4% do we get a bigger cut of the pot or is just whoever reaches the goal of min 4% loss splits pot evenly with other winners

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It’s split evenly between those who lose a minimum of 4%. There is an upper limit of 12% to avoid unhealthy weightloss


Everyone gets the same. :)

Kathryn H.

05/27/2019 9:40PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
How do you all find joy in exercise? I've never enjoyed hitting the gym or working out for the sole purpose of working out. Open to any suggestions!

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Brandy K.

I found a trainer who is super fun and encouraging. He always pairs me with a wonderful workout partner for my sessions. Our goal is functional strength so a lot of lifting. I had never weight lifted before and I honestly love exercise for the first time ever because I see and feel the difference. I lift on 600lb patients everyday and my back no longer kills me at the end of my 12 hour shifts.

Rachel W.

Find something you love. It doesn't have to be at a gym. Swim, dance, walk, bike, racquetball, group walks, aerobics class, strength DVD, yoga, invest in a trainer, CrossFit, spin, HITT, there are so many options.

Kate L.

05/27/2019 2:02PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down - via iPhone
When do official weigh-ins need to be submitted by? Can’t find it and I have to buy a scale tomorrow!

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You can weigh in up to 10days after the game starts so you’ll be fine :thumbsup:

Kate L.

Thank you!


05/26/2019 8:12PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down - via iPhone
Have any of you ladies does this specific bet before? Do you know what the average “win” is? I know we st least get $30 back, but how much of the $73k is earnings?!
I mean, it’s good if it’s not a lot because it means most of us hit our goal, but just a thought.

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Well, I live in Australia so it technically costs me more in AUD than US dollars. So the game costs $50 and last time I got $19 profit for winning

Betsy D.

I’ve done over 10 games, won them all, won between $3 and $26.

Jana D.

05/26/2019 3:16PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down
OH NO!! I’ve messed up! I did my weigh in photos yesterday morning, then jumped in the car and headed to the lake. Plan was to submit my photos later and then when I did I realized I forgot about the special word!! Am I completely out of luck? ☹️

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Jennifer G.

Not completely out of luck, but You could not weigh in before today. Just do it when you get back. There's a big window of time to do your initial weigh in. Also, if it's just not the right time for you, you can back out of this game within the first seven days and just join a new one when the time's right.

Betsy D.

I weighed in yesterday morning and it was verified. You can just do it again.

Laura D.

05/26/2019 1:59PM in Fatgirlfedup's Start of Summer Slim Down - via android
Oh no I submitted my weight wrong. Took 100lbs off myself

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I think you can retake the photos


Email Support. I’ve had issues where I’ve weighed in lbs but my scales were kg
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