Angela's Story

Lost 71 lbs

Won $3,401

"I have more energy, I’m happier, and I have a lot more joy in my life!"

I work in a nursing home, and one day a resident came up to me and excitedly pointed at my stomach and declared, with a big smile on her face, "Baby!?" I replied that I wasn't pregnant and quickly ran to the bathroom to cry. At that point, I’d been struggling for years to lose the baby weight, and my "baby" was 9 years old. I knew in that moment that I needed to make some changes in order to truly be happy and at peace with myself. I realized I needed to work on myself physically, emotionally, and mentally so I could be a better wife and mother.  

When I first started DietBet, I needed something to help keep me accountable. I hate losing money or wasting money, so I knew that if there was money on the line, I would stick to it. But more than the money, the support from strangers on the game pages helped me the most. If you’re having a bad day, you can post about it and get replies from other players encouraging you and helping you out. When you’re having a good day and post your triumphs, you’ll have other players celebrating there with you. It’s like a big family!

Prior to starting this journey, I was always cutting myself short. I would volunteer for this and volunteer for that, never leaving enough time for myself. I felt guilty at first when I started to say no to things but quickly realized that instead of feeling guilt, I should feel proud because I was realizing that I deserve the time to work on improving myself. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the little things. The laundry can wait, the dishes can wait, the TV shows on Netflix can wait.

Time doesn’t stop, and so I make sure to use my time to the fullest. Every afternoon now isn’t spent watching TV or playing on tablets or phones. Now, the kids and I go outside and play bocce ball or throw a Frisbee around. We go for bike rides or hikes as a family. Before, I never thought I could run; now I run three days a week with friends and have completed five different 5K races with more planned! I even ran an obstacle course race with my two children, which made me such a proud mom. I’ve been able to do some amazing hikes with a friend and was also able to conquer a hiking train deemed “expert” with my husband. I have more energy, I am happier, and I have a lot more joy in my life!

Now that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, there are so many things I want to do, and I know I WILL do them. For years, I always told myself I couldn't do certain things because I was too out of shape or too big. I want to complete a Tough Mudder.  I want to complete a 10K race and a half marathon. I want to go on an overnight kayak trip and sleep under the stars. I have the confidence now to know that I can do anything I put my mind to!

My favorite quote: “Start where you are. Use what you can. Do what you can.”  ~ Arthur Ashe

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