Ericka's Story

Lost 52 lbs

Won $670

"Losing weight added a new dimension to me that I did not know was there."

"Weight has always been a struggle for me. I have always been overweight. Born and raised in North Carolina, southern comfort food was the daily cuisine. In the 4th grade, my maternal and paternal grandmothers passed away, and later, my first cousin Danielle passed at the age of 24. Losing family members too soon pushed me to start taking my health seriously in the most recent years. My cousin and I grew up together and we were born in the same year. She had Lupus and also battled obesity. Her fight catapulted my fitness journey.

I learned about DietBet when a friend signed up for the January 2015 My Natural Sistas Challenge and invited me to join via Facebook. At that time, I thought it was an interesting concept to lose weight with other women and make money during the process. I read through a few DietBet testimonials and was inspired by other people’s journey. So, I decided to join the challenge. After I won $49.99 and lost 11 pounds in my first game, I was hooked.

DietBet helped me in many different ways. For starters, I didn’t feel like I was alone going through my weight loss journey. Each game was truly a support group for me. The game participants’ updates were very encouraging and motivated me to push harder. I also love the fact that my DietBet account is connected to my social media accounts. The cheers from family and friends kept me motivated.

Before losing the weight, I was not a runner or biker. Now, I run a few miles a week and recently biked 20+ miles in a single day. I am able to motivate and show others how to lose weight. Since my weight loss, people actually listen to me. I am now the #FitDCRealtor! I share updates on my workouts, tips for healthier eating and living, and I motivate and encourage others by sharing my story. I use my social media platforms to encourage others to get healthy and fit. One of my church members is following a diet and fitness plan I created and she just shared that she has lost 7 pounds. This makes my heart happy and gives me great satisfaction inspiring others.

Losing weight added a new dimension to me that I did not know was there. I am more confident. I truly believe the sky's the limit and I can do anything. I am elated when family, friends, and co-workers tell me that they are inspired by my results. The people close to me are now taking their health more seriously. For example, my weight loss journey inspired my husband to lose over 50 pounds. It was amazing to run with him while he completed his first 5K on January 1, 2016. Our weight loss has allowed us to become more active, which has created additional excitement in our marriage. Weight is not limiting the activities that we can participate in as a couple.”

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