Cat's Story

Lost 44 lbs

Won $1,493

"I never feel like I’m alone - I can connect with players instantly for support!"

I’m passionate about the outdoors, and have lived a very active life because of that. I’ve worked as a guide through rivers and mountains and with horses, and even met my husband while backcountry skiing!


After we married, we moved to an amazing property just outside Chicago where we live with our horses. I was also pregnant during our move. Between the move and the pregnancy, I put on over 60 pounds.


I’d already been introduced to DietBet via Cassey Ho and Jillian Michaels (I was actually in a DietBet when I got pregnant – oh, the irony!), and I was so grateful to know that it would be there on the other side to help me take the weight off!


I love that DietBet not only holds me accountable for reaching certain milestones, but also provides a little “pep in my step” when it comes to weight loss – because it makes it a fun game, while demanding that you master certain skills and continue learning to play better, which keeps you coming back for more! I also really appreciate that your weight goal is based on a percentage, not a number of pounds, so it’s attainable regardless of your starting weight. There’s nothing left to chance in a game where you’re in control of the outcome. I love it!


My first win was awesome. I lost my initial bets and felt frustrated by it…then I got honest about how I’d “cheated” or hadn’t made the changes that I know move the needle for me. Actually winning got me hooked on continuing to win and strategizing as I experimented with staggering bets to nudge me along in the right direction. Plus, the virtual community of likeminded players makes being in the activity feeds feel like coming home to a supportive weight loss family! We share ideas, struggles, and triumphs, so I never feel like I’m playing alone, and I can connect with players instantly if I need support.


Today, I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and have experienced so many non-scale victories along the way: being able to ride my horses comfortably again, zipping up my favorite boots, doing a wall sit for 30 seconds without sliding down to the floor. When I started my DietBet journey, I felt sluggish, heavy, and like everything was hard to do. Now, I feel energized, light, and fit for my next challenge.

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