Brittany's Story

Lost 32 lbs

Won $748

"I was able to have fun losing weight while making money."

My dad's side of the family is all overweight. They have high blood pressure, weak knees, diabetes, etc. I realized that I didn't want to end up like that. My husband is in the Air Force and stays physically fit. I didn't want to hold him back from doing anything. I want to be able to keep up with him on all the adventures we go on.

I decided to try DietBet because I liked the accountability it provides. I had to consistently weigh myself, work out, and make healthy eating choices. I don't like wasting my money, so I figured this was motivation to get it back.

Diet Bet worked for me because I was able to have fun losing weight while making money. I was able to get my friends to join me in challenges and compete with others, and compete with myself. This program works because it pushes you to keep yourself in check. You can have a cheat day, but get back on the wagon to continue your healthy lifestyle.

At first I was trying to not have all of the medical problems my relatives have, then I was trying to keep up physically with my husband when we go on vacations. Now, what motivates me is the fact that I have motivated so many others. I have friends and family members working out and watching what they eat because they were inspired by me.

I won almost $400 with DietBet and used it to go on a vacation to Las Vegas for my anniversary. My husband and I had the time of our lives and it was even sweeter that the money I won from losing weight paid it for. Plus, I was able to keep up with him!

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