Matthew's Story

Lost 62 lbs

Won $3,051

"Since playing DietBet games, my kids have been picking up on my healthy lifestyle changes."

I’ve known for a long time that I needed to drop the extra weight I had on. More importantly, I knew that if I wanted to be a part of my children’s active lives I needed to change how I was living my own life.

I decided to give DietBet a try after a coworker mentioned that he used it to help him lose weight for a half marathon he wanted to run. The social aspect of DietBet is very helpful. There are tons of great, motivating people in each game who cheer you on or help you get back on track if you stray off course.

Since losing over 50 pounds, I’ve been able to do an average of a 5K race each month, and I can now easily complete them without walking. Before, I would maybe be able to get in a few minutes of running, but would walk the majority of the race.

One of the best things that has happened from playing DietBet games is watching how my kids have picked up on the lifestyle changes I’ve made. As a family, we’ve started doing Mud Runs and 5K walks, and I can play outdoors with my kids and be active with the other dads in my neighborhood. I’m really happy that the whole family is getting outdoors and moving.

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