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Summer-Ready Slimdown - Win a Fitbit Versa!

Summer-Ready Slimdown - Win a Fitbit Ver...
$25per month
$46,025in the pot
Apr 24start date
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What is a Transformer?

A Transformer is a 6-month weight loss game specifically designed to help you lose 10% of your weight. Because it's over a longer period of time, the game provides long-term weight loss support and helps you establish healthy habits that stick around once the game ends. There are 6 Rounds, each with its own weight loss target and its own pot to help you stay on track.

How do the pots works?

Half of all bets go into the pot for Round 6, and the other half is split between the other rounds. So if there's a $10,000 pot, that means there's $5,000 in the round 6 pot and $1,000 in the other Rounds. Winners split the pot (less DietBet's fee) each round, and at the end of the game!

What if I miss my goal one round?

No problem! Missing your goals one Round does not disqualify you from winning the next Round or the big pot at the end of the game. Just get back up and try again!

What are my payments options?

You can pay monthly, or pay for whole game upfront. If you choose to pay upfront, you get one month free!

Can I drop out mid-game?

If you're paying monthly, you can drop out at any point and won't be charged for future rounds. If you payed upfront, you can drop out at any point but will not be refunded if it is outside of the refund period.

Can I play a Kickstarter too?

Yup! You can play in up to 3 Kickstarters AND 3 Transformers at any time. Kickstarters can be a great way to keep yourself on track for the big goal at the end of your Transformer.

What's with Tokens?

Tokens are an awesome way to stay accountable between rounds. Submitting a Token weigh-in means a DietBet Referee will officially verify your weight. It also enters you in a weekly drawing to win a Surprize, like a Vitamix or Amazon gift card!

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