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Community, commitment, and cash.
DietBet is the better way to lose weight
and keep it off. See why it’s WayBetter.

Lost 71 lbs

Won $2,279

Supercharge Your Willpower With DietBet.

Bet On Yourself. Putting skin in the game makes your commitment real.

Micro Goals. It’s all about confidence and momentum. Small wins compound into dramatic changes.

Group Support. Forget going it alone. Make it fun with people who get you and who’ll hold you accountable.

Real Rewards. Who doesn’t like winning money?

By combining these proven motivators into a fun game, DietBet helps you establish healthy habits that are sustainable.

We don’t tell you how to lose weight and we don’t sell weight-loss products. DietBet is simply about motivation, self-control, and conquering temptations.

In our activity streams you’ll see one phrase repeated over and over: You can do this.

You can do this. Don't take our word for it. Ask them.


DietBet is the first product to employ The WayBetter Way, a new formula for behavior change. Stay tuned for more healthy games from WayBetter.

Our goal with DietBet isn’t just to help people lose weight. We want to empower them to keep it off. We do this with games and communities that all employ the core WayBetter principles of betting on yourself, focusing on achievable mini-goals, collaborating with peers, and winning real rewards for your success.