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10/08/2014 9:03PM
Bought the FitBit One, because it tracks stair climbing. I love all the charts and graphs on FitBit's site and app. I don't even notice it's on me tracking calories burned throughout the day. I took it on a hike through the Rickett's Glen Waterfall trail and climbed 1048 feet in an 8 mile hike. Fitbit logged this as 133 flights of stairs. I felt it in my calves and shins for 2 days after the hike but I loved every minute of it. There are badges/achievements for various milestones like 10,000 steps in a day, 50 miles total, etc. I got up to the 125 Floors climbed. Next time I go there, I'll have to loop back a bit and get the badge for 150 floors.

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you can sync MapMYfitness to FITBIT??


Yep. When I get back from a bike ride, everything syncs up and there's a large block of "very active minutes" that fill the time I was logging a workout in MapMyRide. If you do a hike or walk, you sometimes get overlapping results and have to delete one of them on Fitbit to keep the calorie budget in check.