the powell clan!

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Debbie H.

01/07/2018 4:29AM
Looks like there is not much activity lately - or am I missing something (new on DietBet)?


07/25/2016 7:34PM
Hi everyone,

I'm new to Dietbet, never heard of it until I saw Chris Powell post it on his Facebook page. He and his wife are inspirational. I'm a 43 year old female who works full time as a medical assistant and attends college part time working towards a sports medicine degree. I'm married with 2 little fur kids.
My interests include paranormal investigation, sports, nature photography and Civil War history.
Over the past 2 years I've lost around 120 pounds. The last few months though I've fallen back into some bad habits like not working out that much and making some unhealthy dietary choices. Using this as my kickstart to get back on track. Looking forward to meeting new people and chatting with folks.

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Nicole S.

07/25/2016 5:28AM
  • Goodmorning "EndOfSummer SlimDown" Players!

    DAY 1

    I thought I would start a daily chat for this challenge on this group. Hoping to touch base regularly with other players for support and motivation. I'm looking forward to healthy eating and exercise today. I have a workout planned for this morning and I will also be meeting someone this evening for a walk. I have healthy meals planned for the entire day for my entire family. I had a discussion with my husband and children the other day asking for their support. Letting them know that there will be NO junk food in the house and if anyone would like to join me and be my WORKOUT BUDDY when I go to exercise that I would certainly appreciate the company. And last but not least, I have to remember that WATER is my FRIEND. Have a great challenge day everyone and I do hope to hear from others.

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Nicole S.

07/24/2016 7:41PM
Hello Everyone! I'm new to the Powell Clan and Dietbet. A friend of mine who also signed up for the end of summer challenge with chris and heidi powell was the person who suggested participating in this challenge. I'm super excited and feel that this is just the motivation I need. Looking forward to getting to know other players.

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Hi Nicole, I'm new to the group too. Goodluck!

Nicole S.

Hi MJH - Good luck to you as well. I just created a group called the EndOfSummer Slim Down w/ Heidi & Chris Powell. Basically, it's a daily chat group for people who are playing in the challenge. Feel free to join us. The more the merrier as it's a good way to motivate and support each other.


07/22/2016 11:13AM
Who else signed up for the end of summer challenge with chris and heidi powell? I did today and am excited this is my first dietbet!
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Hi Nicole! I am excited about it too!


Hi Jessica, this is my first Dietbet too

Jessica H.

07/20/2016 10:13AM
I am super new to this extreme weight loss way of life and just joined the dietbet and this group. Anyone have any words of wisdom?

Nicole S.

I'm looking to touch base with other players on a regular basis. I think having that support will be very helpful in our success. Maybe you and I can start a regular morning chat for the day and as we meet others they can also get involved in the chat. My friend Nancy also joined and I'm sure would love the idea of forming a daily check in group. What do you think?


01/30/2016 10:21AM
daniel i new loss weriht


11/27/2015 8:20AM
I lost over 8 lbs on my first diet bet with Chris & Heidi's Thanksgiving Slim-down. I'm so excited I joined three more challenges for the upcoming holiday season so I don't lose any ground! Good luck everyone that's in a diet bet right now and thank you Chris & Heidi! You guys rock! Ü

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Paula Piano

08/21/2015 10:32AM
So I'm doing a one month DietBet and a 6-month DietBet, since I have 80 pounds to lose! So far, I've lost 14 lbs. so I'm really excited to see the numbers move DOWN for a change!! I'm also using the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan--so healthy and back to whole foods for me!

Margaret G.

01/12/2015 11:08AM
  • Yes!! I am losing!! Thank goodness I am doing something right!!!

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