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06/05/2018 7:06PM
Hi! Im a first time diet better, In Brisbane :-)


05/02/2017 8:39PM
Hi everyone,

I'm new here and from Sydney (anyone else from Sydney??) and am trying to lose 12 kg to reach my lowest adult weight!

Rissa H

02/10/2017 9:46PM
just checking to see if anyone's active in any games


09/10/2016 3:20AM
Is anyone active on here at the moment? I've just joined the Transformer kicking off on 13 September and would love to chat with folks in my general time zone :-).

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Puppa Bear

05/07/2016 7:17AM

I have a lot of passions in my life, but my family is at the heart of everything I do. And so when I realised that I need to focus on my health and fitness in order to continue to share all those awesome moments with them, I looked to DietBet to help me reach those goals. I've started a DietBet ( and a group "Get Family Fit" to help support myself, my family and all others who want to make the same journey.

I'd love for you to join me - let's have fun, lose weight, and win some money together, making this DietBet the most supportive space for people looking to lose weight for their own sake and that of those who love them.

Puppa Bear


01/23/2016 4:12PM
Heyyyy I am newbssssss I have been looking at this for ages, didn't realise us Aussies could play, yay :)


01/10/2016 2:55AM
Hows all my Aussie peeps going? Any 2016 newbies?


11/25/2015 12:26AM
Anyone else have issues uploading photos? I had a final weigh in today and it kept failing until finally I ran out of time. Once the timer ran down I couldn't submit anything. Went pretty close to throwing both my phone and computer off the 5th floor balcony.

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Caroline S.

11/19/2015 9:53PM
Hi All, I have just joined and I think this is an awesome concept! Great to see a few Aussies on the site! I am in Perth and am rallying a couple of mates to start a challenge with me in the next few days!
How have you all found the process and how are you going with your weight loss?

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Wendy C.

10/24/2015 7:28PM
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5. You may lose your relationship with soda and candy bars because you just won't feel the same way about them anymore!
6. You may have to answer a lot of questions like "Wow, you look great, what are you doing?" Because people WILL notice the difference these products have made.
7. You may have to convince those who think you are lying about your age, because healthy makes you look younger!!
8. You may have to decide which bills get paid early because we actually get paid for sharing these "problems" with others!!