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carly n.

06/10/2015 11:06AM
How often and far do you ride each week? and how do you fit those longer rides into your schedules?


@Mindy S.? For me, I'm 14 miles from work, with a shower there waiting. Biking versus car gives me 1:45 worth of exercise versus 45 min of stressed driving. Longer rides sometimes on Sat/Sun, and even with work conflicts, I'm about 120 miles/wk right now. By the end of summer, I should have a 200-mile week, but I don't go more than that.

Mindy S.

Summers in the NorthEast go really fast so I fit it in wherever I can. A longer ride on the weekends and 2 - 3 rides week days. I like vacations in which I can get in some good rides. Last year we got to do a bit of vacation riding in Maine. Loved it! I'm working on doing more bike commuting but not quite there yet.