Gamers Losing Weight

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05/15/2017 7:03PM
Diablo, Destiny, Saints Row, Pokémon, UNDEFEATED MARIO KART CHAMP!!!

Stephanie K.

02/29/2016 8:39PM
Awful quiet in here!
What goes do ya'll play?
I for one play TERA, WoW, DOTA, and a little Hearthstone from time to time.
Not much into consoles, but I do LOVE Soul Caliber 3, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing.
I can't play FPS games due to PTSD, so I don't play and CoD or Fallout.

Now wake up and talk back or I'm gonna start /poking your afk arses!

Andy B.

08/28/2015 9:02AM
We have joined this game

Andy B.

08/11/2015 2:07PM

Here is the link to our game tentatively slated to begin August 31, if we get a lot of people before then we can start sooner:

Ron B.

08/11/2015 2:02PM
What are you going to buy with your Winnings?
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Andy B.

or contribute to it by losing.

Ryan M.

pokemon games

Ron B.

08/11/2015 1:40PM
Fat boys

Andy B.

the fattest