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Airen W

01/24/2016 12:39PM
Hi everyone I'm doing my 2nd DietBet but didn't follow through with the first. I'm doing the Jamie Eason's New Year Challenge. I've done Paleo for a solid month in October and was -15 lbs down at the end and hardly had time for workouts. I plan on doing the Paleo again because I felt so amazing after that weird first 9 days where you are tired, grumpy and depressed. My skin cleared up and my hair was not falling out in the shower. I was very happy and never felt deprived on the Paleo diet so here I am again. I start tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.

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I noticed the same thing with my skin and hair. Good luck!


I felt so much better after I got through the first week, so much more energy in general. I haven't had too much of a problem giving up sugar and processed foods, but cutting out dairy has proved to be the harder challenge for me :)