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Week 5: Fake It Til You Make It
by - 10/18/2016 10:46AM

Messiness. Clutter. Disorganization. Over the years, I have realized these three words bring me an i... Read More ›

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I can't believe how far I've come!
by - 12/20/2016 9:36PM

So happy that I've made such progress in 5 months.  I feel like a brand new person. Stick with it be... Read More ›

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Whole30 prep, busy person style.
by - 01/06/2015 12:33PM

Hello, lovelies! I've talked in passing about the Whole30 here before, but today I want to talk abou... Read More ›

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Winning while losing...keeping it going...
by - 02/18/2015 10:34AM

I won my first round of my DietBet!  Yahoo me!  Now on to Round II.  Technically I have already hit ... Read More ›

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by - 12/18/2014 8:15PM

Wound up the day eating a little north of 1400 calories.  That's pretty good for a person who mainli... Read More ›

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Fighting my own mind
by - 08/02/2015 3:42PM

Some hours of the day, I feel like I'm totally invested in my weight loss. I make elaborate plans to... Read More ›

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Round II done...Round Three begun...
by - 03/17/2015 9:30AM

I won my Round II Transformer bet!  Yahoo!  I was under my goal.  I took the weekend "off" after I g... Read More ›

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Change is coming....
by - 03/28/2015 10:24AM

Change is in the air. I am preparing to make a huge step in my life, one that is both terrifying &am... Read More ›

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One part health, one part vanity
by - 09/10/2015 12:19PM

Welcome to the official day one of diet bet for me. I signed up for two challengee. One kickstarter,... Read More ›

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Life Gave Me Lemons So I Made Apple Pie
by - 10/17/2014 4:34AM

I love the perspective of the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  It helps me remem... Read More ›

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3 Outta 5 Ain't Bad!
by - 02/16/2016 1:40PM

The first time I did a DietBet was in autumn 2014. I was overweight (as per usual) and heading to a ... Read More ›

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Woot woot!!!!
by - 01/26/2015 11:44AM

I've been cooking SOOOOO healthy and haven't had any pop to drink, sugar snacks or fast food in over... Read More ›

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Intermittent fasting "window"
by - 11/16/2016 2:06PM

Dear All, Im so happy because I have been able to have a very short "window" of eating today. had br... Read More ›

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my journy
by - 12/02/2016 2:10AM

I have spent years and years, infact 20 years (since I was 10) trying to lose weight. This is the be... Read More ›

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I met my goal for round one, now I have to keep it off!
by - 03/01/2015 8:08PM

Okay, so I am super excited that I have met the 3% goal! The official weigh in on March 18 comes rig... Read More ›

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