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10/25/2017 6:09AM
Looking for that next DietBet? Join me and my tribe at Nakina's Healthy for the Holidays
Feel free to share and remember The More The Merrier! Let's get through this together and share recipes, tips, or just motivate each other!! JOIN NOW!!!!

Eric C.

03/29/2017 10:01PM
I pray all is well with everyone!! Lets motivate one another to reach our goals. Friendly competition is defiantly a good thing. Feel free to share your knowledge with others.

Puppa Bear

05/07/2016 5:28AM

I have a lot of passions in my life, but my family is at the heart of everything I do. And so when I realised that I need to focus on my health and fitness in order to continue to share all those awesome moments with them, I looked to DietBet to help me reach those goals. I've started a DietBet ( and a group "Get Family Fit" to help support myself, my family and all others who want to make the same journey.

I'd love for you to join me - let's have fun, lose weight, and win some money together, making this DietBet the most supportive space for people looking to lose weight for their own sake and that of those who love them.

Puppa Bear

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The Atypical Athlete

04/13/2016 7:58AM
I'm starting a kickstarter that will be fitness/wellness based...particularly for active fellow DietBet-ers. I have been running for the last 4 years. I will be posting things like workouts, recipes, and general wellness everyday. It starts next week if anyone is interested

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Puppa Bear

I hope your kickstarter is going well, and that everyone is getting heaps of motivation from your posts!

Vicki P.

01/03/2016 9:36PM
This is my first Diet Bet. I have 2 kids, am a teacher and live in Australia

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Puppa Bear

I'm in the same boat as you Vicki: 2 kids, teaching and an Aussie - snap!
I hope that you first DietBet is went well, and your finding ways to get time for yourself as well as looking after your kids and others.

Health Phood

12/30/2015 8:04PM
So, this doesn't look like a very active everyone to busy working?? Lol. I'm excited to start my first diet bet this week! So excited in fact that I joined two simultaneous bets! Anyone else betting in the new year???

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Puppa Bear

I've just finished the first round of a Transformer, and I went a bit crazy and joined a kickstarter as well at the same time. I've since started my own kickstarter (for my next one) and even started a group!
This is a great platform for giving people the ability to connect and support each other.


10/16/2015 9:54PM
New here also, just joined my first game. I hope everyone does well in their games, and hopefully I'll come out victorious in 4 weeks!

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Health Phood

How did your diet bet go??

Puppa Bear

I love what you said on your profile - family is the best reason to be getting fit and strong. I hope that you have been able to be that role model you want to be for your kids!


09/23/2015 12:00PM
Hi, from a newbie. I just joined this afternoon. I'm an admin assistant, I live in Boston and, have a 2 year old daughter. I'm trying to get others in my office to join with me, but if not here I am. :)

Sheila M.

08/10/2015 2:28PM
Hello... almost-lawyer in Boston here. Doing the DietBet with Chris and Heidi Powell.


06/02/2015 7:59AM
New to DietBet and just joined the Main Event. Nine to ten hours a day behind a keyboard may pay the bills but I need to tie my shoes without grunting.

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You got this!!