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Laura D.

01/23/2017 8:10AM
Going to attempt to make a simplified version of bibimbap (korean mixed vegetables with rice) for dinner tonight. This is the base recipe:

I'm going simplify it considerably by only adding easy to find veg, most of which we have on hand: carrots, mushrooms, kale, scallions, and bean sprouts.

We're also planning to soft boil the eggs instead of frying for two reasons: healthier and will make leftovers simpler.

We have a big tub of gochujang from making bo ssam (korean pork lettuce wraps)*** so really I just need to pick up the sprouts.

***bo ssam recipe if anyone is interested: It was SO GOOD! It was not difficult to make but was a bit time consuming - definitely recommend making on a day off unlike stupid me making it on a weeknight. I made the pork in our slow cooker and used miso paste instead of ssamjang (closest I could find without going to the asian market - it tasted delicious if not authentic ;P)