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Krissy E.

03/05/2017 7:37PM
Hi Tina
I have been doing IP since October 13th and am down 47 lbs now. I'm looking to lose another 45. Been struggling the last month. I lost as much as I gained so now it's March and I am where I was at the end of January. Hoping to knock these lbs off by end of June or sooner.

Joined a dietbet with a girl at work and since starting I've lost 47% of my 8.2 lbs. it's gotten me back on track and on my way.

Happy to be a part of your group!
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Krissy E.

So true about restaurants. The thing is you still want to be able to have fun and go out with family and friends. I've had the odd bite or three of cheesecake.

It's tough. I think that after having a rough month of some poor choices it's made me now want to work harder. I'm doing exactly what I was doing the four months before. If I could do it then...I can do it now.

Tina G.

Yes! We *can* do it. And we must. :)

I didn't have the greatest of nights last night. An upset from the day had me falling back into old habits. First it was a small bag of popcorn. Then another forbidden treat. Soon enough I was in full blown "what the heck" mode.

I will tell you that reading your post this morning helped a lot, so thank you for that. Today... tomorrow... and beyond will be good days!

Because *we* are in control.

Have a great day, Krissy!