Ideal Protein Protocol

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11/25/2017 10:26AM
Hi, New to dietbet and Ideal protein!


10/18/2017 10:00AM
Our game has just started Its called "Scrambled Legs & Achin'" Come join us bet $20 and get that 4% off in 4 weeks!! You still have plenty of time to join a supportive, motivational game with some amazing people! We are 4 months strong and not stopping there! 4% is enough to push yourself in the right direction and get that weightloss journey on a downward slope as in the weight going down!!!! We have prizes!!!!!!!! I love motivating and want to make the game more fun and personal and motivating...Invite your friends!!


10/12/2017 8:35AM
Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" ends today, so that means we are ready for the next challenge!! Check out "Scrambled Legs & Achin" at this link-->
4% of your body weight in 4 weeks to either kick start your weight loss journey or pick up where you left off and continue pushing to your next goal! $20 entry and lots of chances for participation prizes!!!!! All my participants are finishing a game so no one has signed up yet because they will be using their rewards to pay for the next one! My tribe is on a roll and losing an average 5lbs a game!!! COME JOIN US!!


09/11/2017 12:19PM
It's time to start our next DietBet Challenge and this one is called Weapons of A$$ Reduction!!! Great name right?!?! Who is joining in??? I need everyone!! Ok at least 44 more people! Help me achieve my goal of coaching while I help you achieve your goal of kickstarting your weight loss journey!
Money and prizes for losing 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks as well as replying to my virtual challenges I post! Guaranteed $20 if you lose your 4%
It's this easy:
300lbs=Lose 12lbs
275lbs=Lose 11lbs
250lbs=Lose 10lbs
225lbs=Lose 9lbs
200lbs=Lose 8lbs
175lbs=Lose 7lbs
150lbs=Lose 6lbs

Krissy E.

03/05/2017 7:37PM
Hi Tina
I have been doing IP since October 13th and am down 47 lbs now. I'm looking to lose another 45. Been struggling the last month. I lost as much as I gained so now it's March and I am where I was at the end of January. Hoping to knock these lbs off by end of June or sooner.

Joined a dietbet with a girl at work and since starting I've lost 47% of my 8.2 lbs. it's gotten me back on track and on my way.

Happy to be a part of your group!
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Krissy E.

So true about restaurants. The thing is you still want to be able to have fun and go out with family and friends. I've had the odd bite or three of cheesecake.

It's tough. I think that after having a rough month of some poor choices it's made me now want to work harder. I'm doing exactly what I was doing the four months before. If I could do it then...I can do it now.

Tina G.

Yes! We *can* do it. And we must. :)

I didn't have the greatest of nights last night. An upset from the day had me falling back into old habits. First it was a small bag of popcorn. Then another forbidden treat. Soon enough I was in full blown "what the heck" mode.

I will tell you that reading your post this morning helped a lot, so thank you for that. Today... tomorrow... and beyond will be good days!

Because *we* are in control.

Have a great day, Krissy!

Tina G.

03/04/2017 2:03PM
Hey there, seems I have some members. Are you friends doing Ideal Protein as well? This is my first "real" DietBet. Tried it once but didn't put any effort into it. I simply wasn't motivated at the time.

I'm wondering now how DietBet views IP. I mean... we can lose 4 pounds a week! Will they frown on that at the end of the challenge?

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Tina G.

03/03/2017 8:15AM
I started Ideal Protein 11/1/16. Lost 18 pounds between then and 12/24. I decided that "Taking two days off wouldn't hurt." I was wrong! Two days turned into almost 2 months! Excuse after excuse before I finally buckled down and got back on track 2/12. I am finally back down to where I ended before Christmas.

Joined DietBet to further motivate me along, not that I need much motivation once I'm back to the low carb lifestyle. Honest to goodness, low carb, for me, takes away all cravings.