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10/25/2018 11:10AM
I started a new diet with a local chiropractor who has taught me all about how the body works to burn fat. I was afraid at first because it looked like so little to eat, but I learned that if you eat at the right times, you can train your body to metabolize fat to give you the energy you need. I started 4 weeks ago and have not been hungry since (note: there are times I feel like I am hungry, but recognize these as situations I have associated with eating food, not real hunger. For example, I have always had snacks while watching TV, so at first I felt "hungry" when I wasn't munching while watching a show, but once I recognized it as behavior-associated eating, and not real hunger, the craving went away). I've tried many different weight loss techniques, but this is the only one that truly addresses what happens in your body. Simply eating less is not the answer, and calories in vs. calories out is not the formula you want to use. It's what you eat and when you eat it that are important. I was skeptical at first, but the explanation about how the body works lead me to give it a try. My goal is to lose 59.4 lbs, and after 27 days on the plan I am down 19.4 lbs. I feel better, am not hungry, have more energy and have gone from XL to L shirts, and 38 to 36 jeans. The other exciting thing is that I feel very confident that once I reach my goal weight, I will be able to maintain that the rest of my life. One side note: I was recently at the doctor for a pain in my knee. I was told I have early onset osteoarthritis. My chiropractor has told me that this disease is often found in people that are deemed obese, and that weight management can eliminate or mitigate this disease in most people. In addition, obesity has been linked to many other diseases, and this has fueled my desire to be successful with my weight loss program. I would also like to give kudos to Dietbet and all of you that post your stories here.