No Sugar Challenge

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Christine R.

01/09/2018 7:05PM
I really believe that avoiding sugar completely is the best thing for me: I have tried moderation and it just eventually escalates into eating desserts every day multiple times. Thing is, the idea of eliminating sugar isn't that popular. Seems a lot of people think that's too harsh and all-or-nothing, etc. What are your thoughts?
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Christine R.

OMG how were you around all that baking without eating any of it? I love to bake cakes and cupcakes and I'm good at it but it's always a disaster for me. I think that's what I struggle with the most: handling and preparing the foods I know I shouldn't have. I'm so used to nibbling here and there while cooking, and on a bad night I'm not even hungry when I sit down with my family. Ugh!


I’m not saying it was easy but it helped that I am super competitive and my sister dared me that I couldn’t do it. I was determined to prove her wrong, lol.