4 simple rules about effective workouts~


1-Muscle burns fat(read my article on http://buffmother.com/articles/rebuild-your-body/) You must lift weights...lifting burns as many or more calories than cardio...so HIT THE WEIGHTS. But the kicker is it also releases fat burning hormones and youthful hormones into your system.  BIG BENEFITS from those!


2- BIG MUSCLE FOCUS- hit the biggest muscle of your body most  LEGS, BACK and CHEST.  The cool thing here is your smaller muscles (like biceps) do still get worked while keeping the focus on your BIG muscles!!


3- Lift B4 Carido (but you should still warm up with 5-10 mins of cardio prior to lifting) and then do your cardio after (preferably intervals).  This will help your lifting be effective and cause you to burn more fat during your cardio!! You'll in turn get stronger and leaner!! Double whammy!!


4- Utilize the biggest movements FIRST in your workouts. Start your leg workouts with SQUATS, Dead-lifts, Lunges and LEG PRESS. Your Chest workouts with need to start with big movements like BENCH, Incline CHEST PRESS and Push ups.  Back workouts should start with Lat Pulls, Pull UPS, and rows.


If you keep these simple rules you will see the most results from your workouts in the least amount of time


Work it girls!!

-Your BuffMother, Michelle


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