I need to step things up. I've been making some plans that I fully intend to rock:

  • 5 km race with a fellow referee
  • 25 km bike ride. 2 years ago I sucked at it. There were tears, feelings of shame, etc. As long as I get the day off, I plan to re-do it and this time have happy tears.
  • a kid's Spartan. Last year I was really disappointed in how winded I was during/after the kid's Spartan with my niece. More tears. I sucked enough that my niece's official story is that she helped *me* do the obstacles. This year I'm beating her to the finish line (even if I have to take her out of the running). Haha. I probably wouldn't do that. ;)
  • A Tough Mudder. I've wanted to do one for years but was never healthy enough to even consider it. I'm finally there (now just need to get in shape). I don't have a team, so I will likely suck and there will be tears. But it will be a 'win' as long as I force myself to get out of my car and get my butt on the course.

So, ya, I guess I need to get serious about this fitness thing.