I'm so stubborn about the Fitbit and new Up devices right now; I just don't want to downgrade to a pedometer.

I have an old BodyMediaFit (body bug) that I really like because it shows me (for a $7monthly fee) lots of data--duration of activities, #steps, distance traveled, AND intensity of activities. It also monitors sleep and has an interface for my goals and calorie input (with a very user-friendly way of logging my own recipes and a big database of foods from which to choose). The only thing I don't like is that it's a big ugly thing on my arm that just doesn't work with sleeveless or lightweight tops.

It's cool that the Fitbit and Up are small bracelets that have such an easy interface for knowing your current number of steps, and that it shares with others so you can "compete" with friends, but I really want these new devices to also include at least a way to check heart rate--even if I have to pause and place fingersĀ on to it like you do with the BowFlex strapless heart monitor watch.

Does anyone know of a Fitbit-like social pedometer that monitorsĀ heart rate, too?