Lynda H.

Need to be in better shape for riding and to improve my health.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: chicken

Favorite Sinful Food: any chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: horseback riding and swimming

My Approach to Weight Loss: The carb-cycle program.

My Diet Plan: turbo carb cycle

Fitness/Exercise Apps: 30 day fitness challenge

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $574.97

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OMG! Busting Out All Over the Place!
by - 09/12/2014 5:42AM

Yesterday CeAnn wrote about finding balance for her life and her horse (great post). I wish I'd read... Read More ›

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Oh Lynda what a great post! I can identify with your situation. This is a " stop the world so I can step off" moment. I know that you'll find your footing pretty soon! When moments like this happen ...look back and see what all you've overcome.. This will pass ..just take a deep breath. I'm in the same situation as my Mom went to the hospital while I was on vaca and then went to physical rehab for 20 days, She is doing very well but for an only child, it sent me in to a tailspin. I've LET myself eat but also signed up for Eat, Drink & Be next week to get back on track. We've come too far to be stopped!

Laura V.

Good luck. Hang in there. As an introvert, I can totally understand this! Take time for yourself!!
Trusting the Process
by - 08/31/2014 5:08AM

I've been doing the Chis and Heidi Turbo Carb Cycling since my first db March 31. At first I lost qu... Read More ›

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HapiCampr continue to be a hero to me. Your determination to find the right prescription for yourself to be the most healthy you is wonderful. I also love that you share your process and progress with all of us. Cheers my friend!


Lynda, you continue to inspire me! I've got to investigate carb cycle! I'm going to join the new Eat, Drink & be slim. Would love it if you were there, too. That is ... If you haven' t met your goal yet. I was on vaca and my Mom is sick so I haven't been as active on DB .... But still making goals in Transformer! Best of luck, and you do keep inspiring me!
NSVs, You Gotta Love 'em
by - 08/14/2014 7:36PM

I've been thinking about the last four months and how things have changed. I'm excited about the sca... Read More ›

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Great post! I've been thinking of NSVs this week also. (FYI - I saw "NSV" in a Facebook page last week and had to google it. LOL!) This morning I was able to lift myself out of the bathtub without getting onto my knees first. Just put hands on the side of the tub and stand up. But the one NSV I'm looking forward to.... to cross my legs again! I just wrote my own blog post about NSVs. Thanks for the inspiration. I don't want to forget how good these feel.


Fantastic post! Congratulations!
This is about more than me!
by - 08/10/2014 11:41AM

I'm 5 weeks into chemo and 4 months into exercise and eating right. I'm feeling good and strong. I k... Read More ›

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so sad to hear about your cancer diagnosis . you are inspirational and your willpower will help you conquer this diseasel.


Wow. Very powerful stuff.
Why Is it So Important?
by - 08/06/2014 4:25PM

When I took on my first bet, it was all about getting in shape to ride and, yes, to look better. I w... Read More ›

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jennifer d.

Great post. It is so honest and inspirational. Thank you for sharing this :-) I wish you the best of luck on your journey.


You are a hero for me today Lynda. I really needed to read this today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
The Secret Garden
by - 08/03/2014 12:52PM

Do any of you remember reading Francis Burnett's The secret garden as a child?  I received a copy of... Read More ›

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Staci W.

One of my top 10 from childhood! Thanks for the reminder and great post!


Now I definitely want to read the book! I loved the movie.
I Don't WANT to Go Shopping!
by - 08/01/2014 11:24AM

Yesterday was a very good day. Made the win in a bet that was not easy--Yahoo!  Worked out in the am... Read More ›

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Kelly G.

My younger sister (34) is going through stage 3 breast cancer. She ended up going the hat route. One of her favorites was a reggae rasta hat complete with dreds. Totally not her style - but it made her feel so much better.

Do what makes you feel good and gives you the confidence to meet this challenge head on! Go for it and know that everyone around you is cheering you on! Like my sister said when she finished 16 weeks of chemo last month - "Screw cancer, I survived AND BEAT Chemo!"

She's starting her radiation next week - her plan is to have this beat by the end of the year. She started in November last year.

YOU CAN DO IT!! When I see someone with cancer, I don't think "cancer", I think rock star!

Beth C.

HI! I'm just seeing this...but I am a volunteer with the American Cancer Society. Most of the locations have a room where you can try on wigs that they give to cancer patients. Here in Palm Beach County it is very nice. Just a thought. It is one of the things they do with the money they raise. I love how it gives back to the community. They also provide rides and have a lot of great information. Just a thought. You may want to check out your ACS location. AND also and more are a huge inspiration...after reading your story I know I can reach my will kick cancer's butt and look great doing it! So glad things are going better this time (I read another post)'ve got this for you and your family. Never forget how huge of an inspiration you are!
Emotional Plateau--Time to Break Through
by - 07/30/2014 3:54AM

3 months ago I started my first db.  It feels like a very long time ago. So much has happened in the... Read More ›

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Stephanie C.

I'm not a fan of running either. I will put my thinking cap back on. Over the last few months we have learned that we can do more than we thought possible so whatever goal you settle on - you will meet.

Kim D.

You are doing awesome!
Teresa's 3-Day Detox--So far so good
by - 07/28/2014 10:54AM

As some of you know, I gained some weight back over family week, and I've been working hard to get i... Read More ›

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Teresa Marie

Oh I'm so sorry you had those issues! And I wonder about the headache. Are you a caffeine drinker? It's ok to keep in your tea or coffee -- I only give up caffeine before race - not for "detox." And the good news is that if you made it through day 1, it only gets easier!!

Susie D.

@ Red, it's a link Teresa posted in our Eat, Drink & Be Skinny game:

Lynda, I bought ingredients to try some of the recipes. Thanks for the tips.

Haven't gotten my new glasses: What does the sign say by kitty? He's adorable, BTW.
Next time, could I get that on a salad plate?
by - 07/24/2014 2:38PM

Today is a good day--fun time at gym, feeling strong, blood work good.  Spoke with my cousin, Lila, ... Read More ›

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I loved the salad plate comment. Great blog. :)


I love it! Yes, a platter sized life! I love the visual that brings. Thank you for the great message!
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