Well, it finally happened.  I'm actually starting to get comfortable in the weight room.  I work out in the mornings when the male/female ratio is about 6 to 2 (me being one of the two) so it was a bit intimidating at first.  But an unexpected benefit of working out with a bunch of guys is that I find myself pushing to lift heavier - and I LIKE it. 

I know part of that is to try to impress them - even though they probably don't even notice because everyone's concentrating on their own workouts - but I've also started taking pride in how much I'm lifting which makes me want to keep going.  It's a great feeling when I pick up heavier weights than the big guy lifting next to me.  It's superficial, I know, but it's true.

Now if I could just stop hitting that darned snooze button so that I'm not always rushing to get to the gym.