Ok I said it. I rather do yoga then run. AHHH I never thought that would happen. But yet this past week I found I only ran on Sunday and it was only 4miles. But my yoga sessions are up to 56 basically doing one every day. And I started a Nike training club program so I have been doing body weight training. Super nice to switch it up but I need to fit some runs in... and actually do them.

So last week I did the following:

Monday: Yoga (~40min) and rolling on the foam roller ~20min. Still super sore from the 8.0miles of downhill running in the race this past weekend.

Tuesday: Run 3miles and do ~20min yoga/stretch, roll out for ~20min in the evening. Horseback riding in afternoon.

Wednesday: Yoga (~40min) and a 20min fitstart workout. Horseback riding in morning.

Thursday: Run 4mile loop and do ~20min yoga/stretch, roll out for ~20min in the evening. Horseback riding in afternoon.

Friday:  Yoga (~40min) and a 20min fitstart workout. 

Saturday: 6mile long run (slow and easy)~20min yoga/stretch, roll out for ~20min in the evening.

Sunday: Yoga (~40min) and rolling on the foam roller ~20min. added on a 4mile run

Ok this week's goal is to get back out there and run. Even if it is just the short loop(1.7miles).

Here is the schedule: April 27-May2

Monday: Yoga 40min getting out and walking in the evening.

Tuesday: Nike training club 45min program and 20min of yoga (stretch). Horseback riding in the morning

Wednesday: Go for a run!! Then do 20min of yoga and 20min on the roller. Horseback riding in evening.

Thursday: Nike training club 30min Yoga 30min. Horseback riding in evening.

Friday: Go for a RUN!!! Then do 20min of yoga and 20min on the roller. 

Saturday: Nike training club 30min Yoga 30min.

Sunday: BLOOMSDAY 12K run!!


I currently have no plans for cheats this week in my diet. Let’s see if I can stick to it!