Last week I did:

Monday: Yoga 40min getting out and walking in the evening.

Tuesday: Nike training club 45min program and 20min of yoga (stretch). Horseback riding in the morning. Only lasted for 20min of the nike training club but I tried. I will try again next week, maybe I will make it to 30min.

Wednesday: Go for a run!! Then do 20min of yoga and 20min on the roller. Horseback riding in evening. Switched it up and did the dynamic yoga on nike fitness.

Thursday: Nike training club 30min Yoga 30min. Horseback riding in evening. Ran 3 miles then did 30min of yoga.

Friday: Go for a RUN!!! Then do 20min of yoga and 20min on the roller. Yoga 40min

Saturday: Nike training club 30min Yoga 30min. Went to the farmers market and renaissance fair instead of yoga then headed up to Spokane to stay overnight before Bloomsday.

Sunday: BLOOMSDAY 12K run!!

The renaissance fair is always fun but I did get a candy apple and split it with my boyfriend after my run on Sunday. My goal this week is to try to stick to the training schedule and track my food every day.

5/4 to 5/10

Monday: Nike training 45min cardio surge then 28min balance basics with yoga

Tuesday: daily custom yoga session horseback riding in evening

Wednesday: Run 3miles with Scott morning mix 16min yoga horseback riding in evening

Thursday: Nike training dynamic yoga 15min horseback riding in evening with Kerry

Friday: daily custom yoga session Jog 1.5miles with Scott 

Saturday: Run to trailhead 5miles min Flexible 15 15min yoga and roll out for 20min

Sunday: Nike training Sweat + shape 30min