I weighed in today and I'm not happy about my starting weight--but who is? My BMI is at the obese level. Terrible! But it's alright. I'm going to use these 28 days to get my situation situated, and bring sexy back.

I'd like to adopt a vegetarian diet, but I just don't know how feasible that is for me. Meat is tasty and my menfolk like to eat it too much for me to avoid it. I make it for them, smell it and have to eat it. So, maybe I'll adopt a flexitarian diet and avoid meat two to three times a week. I'll have to play that one by ear. I do have a few high protien vegetarian recipes I can use, but it's going to take some planning.

My goal is to drop two pounds a week. The tracker says I should lose 1.9 pounds a week to reach 4%. I'm trying to keep good track of my Weight Watchers points. So, hopefully, with a lot of diligence and sticking to my workout program, the pounds will slide off like butter--which I'm going to avoid like the plague.

I also need to avoid chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, m&ms and ice cream. If I can just stay away from the sugar, I should be golden. I don't overeat, I just like to eat lots of sweets. That is my number one problem. I shall replace candy and cookies and cakes and muffins with fruit, fruit and more fruit.