Meatless Monday was a success. I made my menfolk burgers for dinner and I will admit, I had to resist the urge to eat one--my homemade burgers are good. But I didn't do it. I had a vegetarian burrito with brown rice, quinoa, black beans and squash and zucchini. I put some avocado slices on it. It was tasty. I did however, have a few french fries. They were baked, so at least I didn't have a bunch of grease.

I even worked out twice yesterday. That wasn't on purpose, my morning workout was interrupted 20 minutes in, so I just did the whole workout over last night. So my 55 minute workout turned into a total of 75 minutes. I'm feeling it today. My rest day is tomorrow, so I'm going to work out this evening and do yoga tomorrow.

I managed to come in seven points under my Weight Watchers points yesterday. I'm sure it's because I didn't eat any meat and a lot of fruits and vegetables don't count against points. But, that worries me. I have more points than I would if I wasn't breastfeeding, so I could have had that burger and still been within my points. I must keep that in mind when I go without meat. Next time I'll throw in a snack like whole wheat toast with almond butter. (I need to get some almond butter.)

By the end of this challenge I would like to fit into a few of my jeans. I'd like to feel stronger and have more energy. I'd also like to see a few inches have fallen off of my midsection, thighs and arms. There's only way one for that to happen, so...forward hoooo!


My family is napping, so while they slept I just finished my HIIT workout. So my workout is done and I don't have to think about it anymore. Yay! Sweaty and feeling good!