Hello!  I'm excited to get started, even though I have a HUGE knot in my stomach of FEAR!!!  I'm going all out! Joining a gym tomorrow-Snap Fitness.  I purchased the 21dayfix because I know two ladies that are currently using their plan and they are having success!  I have a lot to lose...I'm embarrassed, sick, and tired, and mostly .... Sad.  It's time!!!  My TIME!  my goal is to lose as muh as I can bewtween now and February 19, 2016.  I'm taking my first CRUISE!!!!!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm taking this cruise as a two-part celebration, one-to Celebrate my EX-mother-in-law's 60th Birthday! (more about her later!) and two-at the end of August 2015 I will be celebrating TWO years.SMOKE FREE!!!  Yay ME!!!  I figure, if I quit smoking and stay quit... I can lose this weight!!!  ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM???