It's question and answer day! At the beginning of the challenge I asked you to post any questions you had. Over the next week I will take some of these questions and post very short answers here.
Here are the first few:

QUESTION: I'm in my second round of BB. I'm loving every second of it but I also have a huge passion for running. Will my BB results suffer if I add 15-20 miles a week running on top of doing the normal BB program?

ANSWER: Yes they will but again your goals are what can determine it.

QUESTION: I'm trying to tighten up the lower pec muscles are there any adjustments recommended to hit that area a bit better or just wait it out and let the little bit of flab go away as body fat goes down more and everything will tighten up more?

ANSWER: You hit the nail on the head.
That's the last part that will come off right with the lower abs and back.

QUESTION: Why is it that it's harder for women loose inches in lower half of the body !?

ANSWER: HORMONES---When estrogen is in the wrong ratio with progesterone you will face that problem.

QUESTION: Does age really have an impact on weight loss for women or is it more than that..

ANSWER: Age will effect everything BUT - Stress - hormones and Sleep with not right diet will do.

QUESTION: I have seen you comment on on gut problems and have been reading on this. What are your thoughts on flexible dieting and carb back loading

ANSWER: I don't see the need for that.
Your body store Glycogen in the liver and when it's deficient and it will release glucose to the body and the brain

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