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Questions for THE BEAST!!
by - 03/23/2016 8:14AM

Let's try to keep all the questions here so I can find and answer. Thanks! Sagi Read More ›

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Gleddy M.

Sagi, may you post how you do meal prep? do you do it for the entire week? or daily?Thanks!


Sagi I have hit a plateau and I don't know how to get unstuck? I don't know if it's my nutrition, if I need more workouts or what?
10 Meal Prep Tips for Your Week
by - 03/19/2016 11:13AM

Use these 10 tips to make meal prep easier and faster: 1. Make a Plan Make a list of your favorite h... Read More ›

Beginner's Guide to Your Metabolism
by - 03/15/2016 11:38AM

I found this guide on metabolisms. Enjoy! SK Metabolism is the entire process of converting ca... Read More ›

How much protein, fat and carbs do you need? Are we all the same?
by - 08/08/2015 6:09AM

The Theory behind all of this. Our ability to individualize your food plans comes from many scholars... Read More ›

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Annette M.

I feel the same way as Jennifer S. As a parasympathetic fast oxidative type would love knowing where my macro ratio should be!

Annette M.

Just saw it!! Carbs 30%, Protein 40%, Fat 30% for my type!! I am dialing it in now. Will let you know difference in 30 days!
Question & Answer Day
by - 08/06/2015 5:27AM

Here are some more questions that you guys asked at the beginning of the challenge and some answers.... Read More ›

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jennifer m.

Thanks for the answers! I'm so glad to see so many women doing BEAST! It is my soul mate workout!


Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!!
The Immunity Story: Part 2
by - 08/05/2015 6:02AM

In part 1 we talked about factors that can inhibit your immunity. That is only 1/2 the story. Today ... Read More ›

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GMa L.

So much impacts the system.. I had no ideas of most of these .. Thx for the post!!

Annette M.

Excellent article. Trying to find my best balance. I am parasympathetic with a leaky gut...any healing suggestions I might try?
Let's talk about Immunity--Part 1
by - 08/04/2015 6:29AM

  YOUR IMMUNE CONNECTION Make It Or Break It! Credit: Healthexel Have you ever wondered why people... Read More ›

Question & Answer Day Part 1
by - 08/02/2015 6:47AM

It's question and answer day! At the beginning of the challenge I asked you to post any questions yo... Read More ›

GMa L.

I see my Q/A. Thank you for responding!! I am making every effort to improve my nutrition and read about flexible dieting and carb backloading which only added to the confusion. And I continue to read about gut issues and have learned so much!! Thank you for all you do!! You have educated me in more ways than you know!!


QUESTION: Is it necessary to supplement Body Beast with cardio with more fat to lose?
Maintain Your Focus
by - 07/25/2015 6:18AM

Some of you may know I have an assistant named Jody. She was telling me one day how she used to be a... Read More ›

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Indeed! Mindset heavily influences the perception, this the action. ?????????

Kayle F.

I love that you posted this! I've lost 80 lbs and my biggest key to this success has been the fact that every time I failed or "slipped" up I would start over right then and there! WINNERS aren't people who've never failed but they are people who never gave up!????????????????????????
Is your Behavior Driven By Stress?
by - 07/24/2015 9:48AM

Is your behavior (eating and otherwise) driven by stress?   This is from an email I got from a mento... Read More ›

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Great post!!!!!

Christina F.

A million times YES to this!!! We CHOOSE how we react to every situation. As a stress eater, I have relatively recently become aware of this behavior, and I'm starting to change it. I have to stop myself and take a breathe. I ask myself why I'm eating, and if it's really going to help. (The answer is always NO!) Now I'm working on a plan of attack INSTEAD of shoving my face full of food. Besides that, I know this is a learned behavior, and I'm NOT going to teach my children that eating is an appropriate way to deal with stressful situations!