I've been losing these 150 pounds for about 9 years now. Highest was 315 in 2006 (a guess, since I didn't get on the scale until I had been losing weight for a few weeks, and then the scale said 305), lowest was 174.6 in 2011 (which lasted for about 10 minutes). Somewhere in there, I maintained around 185 for 6ish months. After 2011 came  grad school & a career change, dating, moving in with the fellow who would later become my fiance, and the introduction to craft beer (oh, how delicious you are, craft beer!). My life stopped being only about losing weight (which is a good thing!-- needs to be sustainable). 

I've been maintaining around 215-225 for the last few years, which I do have to work to do. It's easy for me to step back and be proud for maintaining a ~100 pound weight loss, BUT I have to remember that I am not done! I am not where i want to be, and I can do a better job on myself. 

I am fired up, feeling confident, tracking all my food in Lose It!, and really excited to finish this journey that I started almost a decate ago. Although let's be real: it will never be finishd. I'm going to have to work at this for the rest of my life, and that's okay. I've seen the great rewards that have come from dropping from 315 to 215. I'm excited to experience the great ones that will come with being at a healthy weight for a long long time.