I don't know about you, but I often feel like I have to justify why I'm overweight.

"I have a medical condition that makes it really hard to lose weight but really easy to gain it."

"I have a bad back."

"I never know what to make or eat."

"I don't have the time or energy for meal prep."

"I don't have time for exercise."

Any of those sound familiar? The truth is, they're all excuses. I know that, and I hope you do too. Here's the thing:

That medical condition requires me to eat and live a certain way, NOT be fat forever.

That bad back would cause less pain with more activity, less weight and more strength.

Pinterest. Cookbooks. Facebook groups.

Make the time. Make it a priority. Make YOU a priority.

See above.

One of the biggest reasons I gained so much weight and kept it on for so long? I was scared. What if my husband isn't attracted to skinny me? What if I tried to lose weight and failed? What if I gained it back? What if losing weight didn't solve all my health problems like every doctor in the world thought it would? What if I was skinny but still had low self-esteem or depression or was clumsy?

What if I lost weight AGAIN (because I've done it before) and was sexually assualted AGAIN?

Truth be told, I've been carrying my weight around as a shield. Every time in my life that I have lost weight, I have been taken advantage of. Molested. Sexually assualted. The "R" word. Multiple times, by different people in my life. I lost weight and guys paid attention to me and thought they could do whatever they wanted. So by staying fat, no one paid attention to me and there was no danger.

Except there was. I was the danger. I was slowly killing myself. I was miserable inside my body. My skin felt too small and I couldn't do the things I wanted to do. Weight limits became a very real thing that I had to pay attention to. Even years after the last incident, I was still letting these attackers run my life and tell me how to live.

No more. This is my declaration of independance. I will no longer let those pathetic excuses for men run me. I will no longer let their fear control me. I will live my life for ME. I will become strong and healthy for ME. I am beautiful and fierce and deserve to be happy.

I am changing my life. I am making me a priority. I am making time for myself. That includes the gym, meal prep, and any thing else I want to do. So whatever your reason/excuse for carrying around the extra weight...find it, admit it, confront it an OWN IT. Don't let it own you, anymore!