Savoring my last meal like I'm headed down green mile, humming "goodbye my almost lover" and saying a slightly emotional farewell to most of my beloved carbs.

Emotional eater much????

Ok, so, I did my weigh in and was only a pound or so higher than my winning weight a couple weeks ago. Not terrible, and honestly I was surprised. I just got braces a couple weeks ago and I've been eating a lot of bready foods. Now that my teeth aren't petitioning to vacate my mouth due to metal torture, I'm wondering how I will do with high protein low carb diet. But! The payoff will be a winning smile and a winning waistline. HELLO NEW ME! Win-win, I suppose.

I MUST remember that physical activity is a major component to my success. Must, must, must.....but have I mentioned my hip has been out of alignment for the past week now? Gotta get that fixed and walk away my pounds....

Good luck fellow dietbetter babies.