I weighed in and lost two pounds, which is neither here nor there since I can gain or lose 2 pounds on any given day....but I will take it!

I haven't done my work out at all because my hips still aren't in alignment. I really think about trying, but I know I shouldn't - I can't even get from sitting to standing without wincing! I'm afraid to make it worse.

THEN I had 4 teeth pulled Friday which makes low carb impossible really. Soups, bread, mashed potatoes were basically the only thing I could eat. The one thing I could do was keep it at a minimum. SOME mashed potatoes, not a boatload. A FEW bites of mac and cheese. Not a whole order. Yesterday at the movies? Probably two bites of popcorn before I gave up...I can normally eat 20 handfuls. SO. It's been a challenge.

But I'm still in this! I have goals and I would like to make them a reality. Time, patience, a little work. I know I can get there. It works if you work it or whatever that AA saying is! Ha!