When I started this process I weighed in at 310 lbs and I have come along way from that point. I have lost over a 130 lbs and I'm almost there. My goal is 160 lbs and I have less then 20 lbs to go to reach that goal and with every day I get closer to that goal. 

When I began this journey it was simple I wanted to reach a size 18 and I was going to reward myself with horseback riding. Now I am a shrinking size 12 and the clothes I have falling off and baggy. I don't want to buy new clothes till I am there, but I also need to buy clothes even foir right now or I risk exposing to much. lol

So when I made it into a size 18 I forgot the reward and kept pushing forward and when 16 a and 14 came I also just kept pushing forward. Part of me still not seeing the skinny girl inside, the skinny girl I had become. So this Christmas I am stoping because I know by then I will have achieved my goal, So this christmas instead of using gift certificates to buy stuff for the house or my children anything but me. I am going to buy NEW CLOTHES for me!! I don't know what size it is at 160lbs but its not a size 28W and that is ok. 

So this christmas I am buying me a new wardrobe to go with the skinny girl I found looking back at me in the mirror.