I try and try and fail and fail and only thing I can say is I know what doesn't work for me. So I'm finding the motivation to stick to what will(hopefully) work. 


This time around I have a family competition going on along with doing this, along with setting myself mini rewards for every 5 lbs lost (non food of course). I'm hoping this will keep me accountable and give me the push to reach for each 5 lbs loss.


I'm going to start excercising more. I have a friend who would love to be a personal trainer so I"m letting him help me out. Maybe he'll keep me accountable. I'm also going to cut out all drinks but water and try to cut down all my bread products to 1x a week....Pasta is a weakness. 


I'm hoping moving into my own house and not having the temptations of my family around will help. I'm tired of being this big and feeling tired all the time. I want to wear the cute clothing I see in stores. 


So here goes. 60 lbs is my final goal going to try to take it 5 lbs at a time.