I used to be in amazing shape- ran track in college and was in Marines. I have always been fairly muscular build and so it was pretty easy to keep my weight down even though I wasnt eating very healthy. Right before I turned 40 a bunch of my friends and I decided to try and complete a sprint triathlon and run a 1/2 marathon. I completed both those challenges and in fact finished the 1/2 in under 2 hours. Not great but pretty good for a sprinter, non-distance runner! However, two years ago my wife injured her hip while running with me and we both just stopped excercising and I suddenly started putting a lot of weight. While I wouldn't consider myself fat I am not in the great shape i used to be in. I used to weigh around 155lbs and now I weight around 190lbs.


My goal and is to find that inspiration I had when I was younger to become active again. In addition to do something I have never done before, even when I was in great shape, eat healthy. I love drink lots of Coke and eat M&M's. I really like to eat a bowl of ceral or ice cream later at night while watching TV. What is funny is I would watch the biggest loser and eat a giant bowl of ice cream at the same time....OMG!


To all of us out there trying to just be a better person- Let's do this! I hope we all win!