I just poured my heart out into a blog post and .... it went into the great abiss....

Basically I talked about why I did my first dietbet back in January 27th 2015.. weighing in at 234 pounds. I talked about the fact that I didn't start out with the intent of losing 74 pounds in a year.  I only wanted to lose 20 pounds and feel a little better.

I didn't say anything about the first time I climbed the stairs in our house and realized that my knees didnt' hurt and I didn't have to hold on to the rail to pull myself up each step.  I didn't talk about the first time I walked a mile and realized I was not huffing or puffing. Those are amazing memories, still fresh in my mind. (oh I stilff huff and puff when I walk with my hubs who is some kind of speed walker!!! but not at my own pace!)

I did announce that hubs and I are both hosting dietbet games!  That's right a little friendly competition! We both have maybe 20 pounds to lose next year and a kickstarter game will help us keep on with our healthy journey.

I cannot give out any prizes but I can post my support daily and I will!

I hope you will join my game! It's only $10, what is that an extra large cup of coffee in the mall???? Come on, join my game and let's kick off the year by getting 4% lighter!!!