Yesterday I dug out my metabolic balance plan from the bookshelf and took out both my body scale and my food scale so that I can weigh everything.

I thought I could avoid using scales but obviously my brain has a different idea of my ideal weight than reality.  It is funny to step on the scale and see how far off from my mental image of myself I am.

I will be rebalancing this January to get myself back on track with metabolic balance.  Although I eat healthy, I have a love of bread that does not include rye bread (the only bread on the metabolic balance plan).  Bread is one of my red foods, a food that I really enjoy eating and which throws me off my metabolic balance plan which means I need to avoid it as much as possible.

I'm still dealing with how to eat bread for treat meals without derailing myself.... but until I have this tackled, I will continue to need constant rebalancing.  I like to rebalance by going all the way back to the beginning so I can reset my tastebuds but you don't need to do that, talk with your metabolic balance coach to decide how you need to rebalance to get back on track.

Good luck today.