I've not done a good job posting on here so far. I wanted to post every day, even if just a word or two. It keeps me accountable. I think we are a week into this. I did great the first few days, lost 3 lbs, but I'm sure I've gained it all back. I buckled down last Thursday and Friday and then I "unbuckled" Saturday and Sunday. :( I thought I was going to do carb cycling but I just can't get into it. In 2013/14 I went hard on it for 6 months and then I think I lost interest in it and have bounced back and forth, trying different methods or none at all. Trust me, the "none at all" doesn't work.

I think for now I'm concentrating on calories but more than that, I'm concentrating on only eating when my body tells me I'm hungry, trying to take back control of my appetite. I've done this for a few days here and there before but do not stick to it. I find myself eating basically because it's the thing to do; not the "only" thing, I'm not eating out of boredom, I am eating because people eat. I start eating and then I just keep on going. 

Hopefully I'll stop bouncing and stick with this. I'm praying it will be so. I know my lack of self-control is not pleasing to God. I'm letting food control me and nothing is supposed to control me my actions other than the Holy Spirit. I'm still a work on progress though but today I'm on the right track and TODAY is what counts, right?