For the last week and a half I have been using intermittent fasting which simply means that I eat during a certain window of time and I don't eat the rest of the day. For me I eat anywhere between the hours of 11 A and 7 PM and then I don't eat for the following 16 hours.

This past Sunday I decided I'd extend the hours a little bit so I could have dessert following our church service. We have dessert once a month to celebrate birthdays for that month. Anyway, extending the hours was a HUGE mistake and one I will not repeat again if I can help it!

I did fine with the dessert meaning I did not go overboard. However, I never actually set a specific time I would stop eating on Sunday after I extended the hours and so when I got home I kept eating until I had eaten a muffin, one or two cookies and 5 or 6 peanut butter balls. The whole reason I started IF was to help me get out of the habit of binge eating at night. I really struggle with not going overboard after 9 PM or so at night. Stopping my eating at 7 has completely erradicated this late night binge eating. I learned on Sunday that I absolutely must keep to my guideline of 7 PM. If I miss dessert night once a month at church so be it.  Maybe sometime I can officially extend my eating until 8 or 9 PM but not for now. For now I know I have a problem eaating at night and so I need to do all I  can to remove myself from that temptaiton. For right now my theme has to be "no compromise allowed!"