I've never really gotten into blogging...mainly because I'm extroidenarily ordinary.  But for some strange reason I find myself here after reviewing many profiles over the past two days and then being nudged by DietBet with a comment such as, "The more you participate, the greater the odds that you will be successful." Ouch...  See, my first DietBet round, I was (as usual) the recluse.  I would "like" a comment here and there and that was the extent of my social interaction and I felt that I deserved a little pat on the back for "participating" SO much! Hehehe...  I should actually use the nickname Gollum to be more honest with MYSELF if noone else.  I came into the game smoking (proverbially, of course lol)...and then fell flat toward the last week and was short of my goal by 0.01%.  Then, New Year's Day rolled around and I doned my "Damn Black Bikini" that I specifically bought for taking before and after pictures in, but I never quite make it to the awesome AFTER pics...it's so sad...predictable is more like it.  I feel like Mega Mind calling for the infamous "Black Mamba" as I stuff myself into this crime scene....uh, bikini...whatever.  I can't stop laughing as I tromp my flab-ulous self into my hubby's office midday and ask him once again to take these same pics that he has been taking for about 10 years now.  Apparently, I have no shame...i have no pride either (aparently, lol).  At BEST, I can say that I HAVE changed up my hair, but the bod and the bikini remain constant.  I really do have to make lite of it and giggle about it a bit as I flip through a decade of before pictures...surely I have enough BEFORE PICS BY NOW...but no.  So as predicted, after 2 weeks of hitting it hard, I slip back into my boredom of the regime.  It's not that difficult to do this stuff...I actually enjoy it.  Eating tasty foods that leave me feeling great, and lifting weights and watching myself get stronger every week...  For all practical purposes, I should be KILLING this lifestyle, but I always slip into this boredom thing.  I decided to do the DietBet and then NOT do the DietBet about a dozen times before I downed a glass (or three) of wine and sacrificed "my precious" (ref to Gollum, right there, lol) $30 bucks.  I've been nosing through all of the profiles and I recognized a pattern for the first time.  There is a space to  describe WHY you/us/I are wanting to get into shape.  It was shocking how many people referred specifically to, "control."  They say they "lost control," "want control," "need control," or are "taking control back."  It was uncanny...look for yourselves if you have the time and curiosity.  How is it that so many of us are manifesting sick bodies due to some percieved loss of control?  Because of my own "lack of control" and observance that so many others are tripping over this issue, I'm going to incorperate (for the first time evah!) into my nutrition and exercise regiem, a simple intention at the beginning of the day that I will be and feel proud of myself when it's time to go to bed...which SHOULD be at a reasonable hour! ;D  I'm not going to dwell on the past or the future, just this day.  I don't know that I'm SO out of control, but I surely don't posess the diciplin that I had 10-15 years ago.  That fade of diciplin has in some way affected my productivity and what I lovingly refer to as, "Give-a-Damn."  I'm going to engage in life more...not just on DietBet...but I do thank DietBet for helping me come to this understanding and clarity...and this time, I'm going to actually participate...so concider yourselves warned! Muahahahahahaha....  Lov's from Aaron