Both of my grandmothers are gorgeous slim women, one even competed in a beauty competition in her younger years.  My grandfathers passed away many years ago and neither grandmother has remarried.  As the oldest granddaughter on both sides of the family, I ended up inheriting each of their wedding rings, the band from one grandmother, and the engagement ring from the other (she still wears her band).  In my younger and slimmer days, I wore the rings proudly on my right ring finger.

As the years went on and the pounds accumulated, I had to stop wearing them, first the delicate engagement ring, then finally the band.  I was probably a good ten pounds heavier than I am now when I finally stopped wearing the last ring.  My finger looked like one of those trees that grow around chains and fences that squeeze close to their trunks.  I could feel the bone at the base of my finger and I knew it wasn't healthy to keep wearing a ring that was deforming my finger. I was stubborn, but eventually I packed both rings away.

I've been trying to wear the wedding band for the last five pounds or so, but have only been able to get it on before feeling like my finger is suffocating.  In the past week, I've actually been able to wear it for about ten to fifteen minutes before I feel like I need to take it off.  The scale hasn't changed much since the beginning of the month, but I can feel that my body is changing based on the size of my finger.  I'm hoping this means that I'll make a breakthrough in my weight soon and that I'll be closer to wearing the band full time again.

I've never had a dress/pants size goal, but I've always had a finger size goal.  When the scale isn't budging, these are the kinds of goals that help to keep me positive that change is happening.


*Update 5/17/2016 - I've been wearing the wedding band from one grandmother for the past few days and finger feels fine!  I am so happy to be at this point where I can wear one of the rings regularly again!  :)