I love being a stay at home mom.  But since I went from being a working mother to a stay at home I have gained 50 plus pounds.  I struggle with being at home, and being only accountable to me.  I try not to graze walking through the kitchen.   When I worked yes I didn't have the opportunity to get as much excercise as I can now ( and still don't) but also when I worked I didn't have access to a free for all in my house.  

I have amended what comes into the house.  not so much garbage food, though I am married to a Frito-Lay chip salesman.  We really don't eat many chips.  

I am working on keeping busy,  today I mowed my yard for 2 hours.  Took in a little sun and just enjoyed the day.  Just remember to enjoy life. We all have stress triggers, money, relationships, kids, bosses etc.   Those things are all still there whether we scarf down the double cheeseburger or not.  We all fight to live a good life, I struggle to excerise.  But I don't need the self loathing anymore, the after effects of a binge.

So don't concentrate on the negative.  Look in the mirror and remember you are worth it.  Self improvement doesn't mean you are less than great!!! Just means you are looking for the 2.0 of yourself!!   Good luck, until the next time.  Smile it will do your heart good.