Part of the weight loss journey is the little slip ups here and there.  You need to mentally rap your head around the fact that you are human and mistakes happen but it is not the end of the world.  It's life,  it's ok.  These things happen they are not deal breakers.  You will be ok, just look at it as a learning day.  Just get up the next moment and start over.  I love the fact that we are able to keep trying.  The will to live the life you want is all in your hands.  Do you want to feel better about yourself?  Then don't be so hard on yourself.  This post is full of questions of life.  Don't be hard on yourself but keep pushing.  Mentally don't bring yourself down when you hit a speed bump, but still get up and keep pushing physically.  I guess this rings true with every aspect of life,  work, family, friends.  

Yesterday I did have a moment and didn't eat the best.  But I did go for a walk.   It's evens out.

When you let it get into your mind you goofed up,  that brings down the postive flow of the journey you are on.  I am a pretty positive person in general.  I am a good person, as I am sure your are........

I an trying to improve my self physically.  I am excited about this journey.  I am 247.1 right now and I have a terrific support network, even among my little tiny very fit friends.   They are very positive people,that is truly important.  Surround yourself with like people.  People that are supportive, not the ones that sabotoge your journey.   We know the people that always want to take you to breakfast or want to go out on the town to socialize with you.  Instead find the ones that are willing to go on a bike ride with you, or a nice long walk in the park with you.  Your true friends will take your hand and give you that boost.  This includes your family,  my mom is guilty of it all the time.  Sending home baked cookies and bread home with me all the time.   Not saying write off your friends and family, just maybe while you are struggling to find your way just limit your time with them.  If they are wanting you there, they may be willing to adjust their habits as well.  

I have so many thoughts this morning.  I am kicking a** and talking names I told friends on Facebook today.  I truly think mindset is the complete facet to reaching my goal.  So stay positive even amongst the slip ups.......surround yourself with positive people and be the best you can be amongst the chaos of life.   As I say "smile and nod"!!!