That's an unfair comparison,  I am no monster!! But neither is the scale!  We should not fear the number.   Seems like people judge themselves by the number on the scale. Embrace that number and learn from what it has to say.  They are just numbers, they do not judge. Why should we?  We as humans are the judges but why? Seems kind of silly talking about this in a group that only values the number.  But I am learning from the numbers it gives and that is my goal.  Just because we weigh more than some doesn't make us any less of a loving, caring individual. Just because I am 250 pounds doesn't mean I am any less of a friend or mother or grandmother.    We all are searching for acceptance in this crazy world.  A scale is here to do it's job.  Just like I am going through this weight challenge as it is a job.   My job at this moment in time is to be a better me,  my body is simply the employee of my mind.  I will keep working my body to the limit of the day to improve on the being I am.   Life is a journey, don't beat yourself up because we are struggling to find the ultimate you.   Like everything just a work in progress,  ever changing, ever growing ( emotionally I mean) and ever learning.   Bless you all in the journey of life and emphacize (sp) all the good traits you have to offer the world.   Smile!!!