I hope I am allowed to post this here as a blog.  I have posted recently in the games I am still playing that I have reached my personal goal this past week.  I will be unable to keep playing in games to lose 4% at this point.  However, I will be hosting my own game staring May 9.  It is called Get LEAN this Spring with GeminiWitch83.  I keep having trouble with it showing up in available games starting soon.  I have recently finished some Health Coach Certifications from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and I would love to share some of this information with try dietbet community.  Dietbet and all of the wonderful people I have met along the way have been such huge motivators and support for me during this journey.  I would love to pay it back and help others get farther on their own journey.   


You can find my game here:  http://diet.bt/Y4e4P9